HRD Centre is a localized entity which aims to help jobseekers and unemployed with Opportunities. It also offers products and services related to jobs. It helps in finding jobs, selfassessment, career counseling, training, upgrading skills, resume creation, certification, and employment platform creation.
With HRD centers, the probability of getting a job is very high which is the reason HRD centers are filled up with people both young and mature making inquiries of one job or the other. There are other ways to find job vacancies like from friends, recruitment agencies, newspapers or magazines, or even online job websites but using HRD centers is a sure guaranty. Apart from Encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own development, it also generates action plans that focus on each participant's unique strengths and opportunities for Jobs.

An endowed HRD center aims at developing skills needed today - and in the future. Using an action learning strategy where participants work on real world problems it serves as a dynamic intervention that requires results. It collects information from a variety of sources to enrich feedback and provides each person with individualized performance feedback and coaching. In totality, it creates an active corridor for Job seeker to employment in organized sector.


  • Career awareness and sensitization regarding
  • New approach to Counselling and Skill mapping
  • Enhance student capability and preparation
  • Increase accessibility to jobs
  • Simplifying processes to obtain a job
  • Reduced time frame from enrollment to jobs