Institute Of Motoring

Institute Of MotoringOur vision on road safety reflects the ideology in creating a replicable and desirable model for the future, encompassing different components of the traffic system to interact. We have carefully designed it to give direction to road safety work that generates needs on what improvements are necessary in order to achieve the desirable state proclaimed by the vision. Fuelled by our commitment, our vision directs road safety actions and forms the basis of road safety plans and programs. The core concept is to change the road traffic system into one which eliminates all known opportunities for human error and reduces the damage in crashes which are bound to occur. Since the vision is shared by all the stakeholders, responsibility for road safety is also shared between road users, road authorities, and all those corporates who are directly or indirectly involved in road traffic.


“The fundamental need to improve and guide the present and prospective drivers, created the need to provide individuals from various sections of society a state-of-the-facility that will impart specialized training in driving at affordable prices”


Institute of Motoring is a place where participants are taught driving skills comprising of theory and practicals. All IOM's offer virtual reality simulation training which is a key training component across industries. MetaSkills facilitates in obtaining licences post training. Institute of Motoring is usually set up within College campuses primarily targeted at the college students who are future road users.