Job Fairs

Job Fair Job Fairs are great for discovering opportunities and finding new jobs. Job and Career fairs are becoming a more common method of entry level recruiting and initial screening. For the corporate recruiter, they offer an opportunity to reach interviewing terminal velocity—the highest possible Number of prospects in the shortest possible amount of time.
The organizer will organize job fairs and MetaSkills will assist the organizer in applying the model at such job fairs. MetaSkills has considerable experience in conducting and managing job fairs.

For many students, such fairs provide an opportunity to meet with multiple employers in the same day. Such fairs offer opportunities for those seeking career information and actual positions to meet directly with a variety of employers in a setting that is less formal than a one-on-one interview. They give the opportunity to explore different types of careers, obtain information about employers, and serve as a way to make contacts.

To give HR managers and applicants a standardized and structured environment in which to meet, learn about one another, pre-screen one another before a face-to face meeting, and to give everyone a place to go back to for follow-up activities after they have met. Job fairs have a set of rules and protocols of their own. Employers size up candidates quickly, based on appearances, communication skills, and first impressions. The company representatives will provide information about general career opportunities as well as specific details on current openings.