Placement Office Outsourcing

Placement Office OutsourcingEconomic and demographic trends continue to affect the job market. With scarcity of preferred Jobs, students and Placement Officers develop and manage their campus recruitment programs in several ways. In a competitive environment, maintaining corporate relations is crucial to the success of an Institution. To do this, Institutions through their placement officers, must build relationships with HR departments of various corporates. This usually is done mostly locally, and a few other institutions budget client acquisition through their student cell, while others outsource this activity through multiple vendors/partners. Thus, Campus recruitment is becoming more competitive. Winning colleges will have to strengthen their student offering and packaging to corporates and be able to adapt to the corporate recruitment practices. Along with on-campus recruitment, they are also faced with challenges in organizing recruitment tools such as career fairs, internships and co-op programs.

Why MetaSkills?

MetaSkills offers a Comprehensive Solution for institutions to improve the employability of students and provide the right job’. MetaSkills will generate vacancies through established frame work of corporates, across various sectors and profiles. Uniform and well-defined work procedures targeting jobs will be offered to the registered candidates.

  • Understanding student’s needs, aspirations, expectations and profiling students through assessments.
  • Skill Up gradation and Employability interventions.
  • Exit gate assessments to understand improvement
  • Counseling with expert counselors.
  • Tap in to vast employer database and target vacancies based on student profiles.
  • Shortlist the ‘right fit’ students for interviews, face to face as well as telephonic.
  • Place successful students as apprentices, temporary or permanent hires.
Benefits to Institutions
  • Attract more employers.
  • Increase in placement percentage.
  • Quicker placements.
  • Higher compensation packages.
  • Enhanced college brand image.
  • Reduced burden on placement office.
  • Attract more students.
  • Greater student satisfaction.