Road Safety workshop

Road Safety workshopMETA’s Road safety workshops are performed in a school setting, focusing on the different transport modes and traffic roles that the pupils at different ages encounter actively or passively. While we contemplate on adding this to permanent education, META pro-actively has built programs focusing on primary and high school children.

Why RSE for Children?
  • Future road users
  • Ideas ingrained from childhood
  • Behavior change from early age
  • Life long benefits
  • Understand the traffic environment and how to function within
  • Using road safely
  • Valuing others’ rights on the road
Road safety campaigns

Road Safety campaignsOur road safety campaigns are developed to engage the community and help change unsafe behavior on the roads. We have a vast collection of education and awareness based campaigns implementation concepts.

Our concepts and modules are designed to highlight and educate people on

  • The human element of the road that will encourages all road users to change the way we think about road safety.
  • Reducing their speeds, because it's difficult to know what is up ahead.
  • Safety measures on a 2 wheeler as we give riders useful information about the risks they face on the road and how they can best manage them.
  • Fatigue while on the road, don’t trust your tired self-enough to drive/ride.
  • Pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety.
  • We believe through these measures, we can have safer roads for all.